Business endeavors

Well after much thought and consideration I will be starting 3 different business. They are each very different but equally cherished by me. I will set up 3 pages for you all to view and information to purchase. Give me some time to get it all set up. The first business I already introduced. It’s the tarot readings. It is called Southern Goddess, tarot reading and birth charts. The second also has Southern Goddess. It’s Paparazzi. $5 jewelry. The last is my creations. Faërie Dust Potions and Gifts. Stay tuned and help me out by sharing.

I do have a few plans for some business aspects. I am a solitary Wiccan and it has changed my life greatly for the better. Through this art of my journey I’ve discovered some things that I really enjoy doing. One of them is tarot card reading. I love to read cards. I want to offer this service to those who need a little clarity on where their lives are going. I want to emphasize I’m not a fortune teller. I can’t tell the future. I simply am in touch with my cards and have a love for people enough to be able to interpret what the cards say. To be able to do a good reading would take 2 phone calls. The actual reading is usually about an hour. The fee I feel would be fair is 25.00 for both calls. The first is to get to know you and gather information. I will take the information and meditate on it. Then the second call would be for the actual reading. If anyone would be interested in this service please comment so I can decide if it would be an option for me.