my story part 2


For my friend. Patience my dear this is a very impressionable time in my life. I have some great memories and of course some horrific ones. This part starts with us driving a uhaul to blanding Utah. We arrived and mordith had a mobile home near the main road leading into this tiny town. He was how do I say a hoarder. To the max. There was a path from the front door of the house down the hall to the bathroom and bedroom. My mom being the clean freak that she is hot that place like a tornado and made it a home in no time. Mordith owned around 5 acres next to where the mobile home sat. He had another mobile home on that property as well. We stayed put where we were for a little while but eventually moved onto the property and faced the two mobile homes toward each other and put a walk way between the back doors. A few memories from the first spot are when I ran into a hummingbird and knocked it out. I thought I killed it but when we went out to check on it it had flown off. I also remember there was a restaurant right across the street called Kenny’s restaurant. I don’t remember too much else from that first few months. Mordith at this time seemed like a really nice guy. We started attending church at the Mormon church and all seemed to be going great.