The lull

So for the next year and a half things just kinda were. I continued to work for Katie, attended drug court and lived a pretty boring life. During this time I dated a bit and had a couple relationships that were short and sweet. The summer of 2019 I moved behind Leesville Flooring. I met the owner through my job and he took a liking to me. He is a pretty good guy. He helped me a lot when I needed it and offerered to move me there because my situation was not so great anymore where I was. I was there for a couple months in which time I met one of his workers and ended up in a relationship with him. To keep it simple I had to move from there because of a miscommunication with the man who owned the trailer park by Steve’s store. My new boyfriend introduced me to his dad and step mom and we moved to their property in Hornbeck. Everything was good there. I did however leave my job with Katie at the Law office and went to work for Steve at Leesville Flooring. It was a big pay increase so I was very happy. I was able to take care of things very well. So much so I bought a brand new Jeep Renegade. I could actually afford it and felt so good and proud of myself for getting to this point on my own. Sooooo……stay tuned.

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