Upwards and onwards

As I said I moved in with my friend. She had 2 sons, one in his early 30s and one in middle school. The oldest son had a girlfriend who also moved in. She had a boyfriend with 2 kids, they moved in as well. It was a lot on her but she continued to help me and be a great friend. I started drug court which was to say the least very taxing and time consuming. I relied on others for rides everywhere. One of the requirements was to either have a job or be in school. I looked for jobs constantly and even got a couple but due to past circumstances wasn’t able to keep any of them. Our drug court PDO Attorney was Katie Beaird who had also been my attorney. She watched me struggle and after 5 weeks offered me a job as her secretary. She also bought me a car, that I paid off after 2 years. Her other secretary sold me an rv for $500. I moved out of my friends back porch to Katie’s dads property. This was the beginning of me finally being self sufficient and working to take care of myself.

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