It’s fricking cold

So I’m in central Louisiana. It snowed last night and is currently colder than a witches tit. I should know lol. I still don’t have power to my pole but am grateful for the extension cord power I do have. It’s pretty cold but I do have a heater that blows warm. Things in my life emotionally are also currently cold with just enough warmth to keep me going. I’m adjusting to this life and very much like my goddess’ story all things must die before being reborn. I have embraced this time of cold and death of certain things to make way for the beautiful spring that’s awaits in the next chapter. The moon is once again almost new. Time for setting new intentions and rising slowly back up. So with all that said I’m going to bed where it’s nice and warm with a hope and plan for a bright warm future.

By tinabonena

I’m just a girl who has been through my fair share of trials and tribulations, but I came out on the other side with wisdom experience and a peace and understanding I never could have imagined. I have 5 children. A few adopted kids. And 5 grandkids. I’ve met my forever person and live in the woods just like I always wanted.

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