full moon release

So tonight is the last full moon of 2020. Last night was my last night in Hornbeck. Things did not go well last night. The night ended with some finality and lots of tears. This morning I woke up and decided that that it was time to go. When your decisions are in line with the universe things fall right into place. It is now 24 hours after a horrible night and I’m sitting in my rv at a new location. It’s so peaceful and quiet. The vibe is positive. I’m still sad but that just means that my feelings were honest and true. As I go to bed I will release the things that no longer serve me and embrace another new chapter in my book of life.

By tinabonena

I’m just a girl who has been through my fair share of trials and tribulations, but I came out on the other side with wisdom experience and a peace and understanding I never could have imagined. I have 5 children. A few adopted kids. And 5 grandkids. I’ve met my forever person and live in the woods just like I always wanted.

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