Month 11 of this crazy year. This month I want to focus on the present, the now. Everyone is in such a hurry to get this year over with in hopes that next year will be better. Instead of waiting for better can’t we just stop and find the good things that are all around us right now. Yes it’s been a challenging year. But if you take a moment I bet you can find 10 things out of the past 10 months that have been amazing. Let’s try…1. My boyfriend Rob. We made our 1 year and I’m grateful to have him in my life. 2. My kids are all doing amazing for themselves. All 5 are successful and are growing up to be awesome people. 3. I got a new job that I love and I make more money. 4. I bought a new car all by myself!!!! 5. I completed my probation and am free. Huge accomplishment. 6. We survived the hurricanes and covid with no serious repercussions. 7. Went to Renaissance, the place I love and started new traditions. 8. I’ve made some new friends whom I treasure and healed old relationships and have peace with myself. 9. My health is good no issues. 10. I’ve grown in my spirituality and have begun new divinations and feel empowered to move on to higher levels of oneness with nature. See that wasn’t too hard. Now you try…

By tinabonena

I’m just a girl who has been through my fair share of trials and tribulations, but I came out on the other side with wisdom experience and a peace and understanding I never could have imagined. I have 5 children. A few adopted kids. And 5 grandkids. I’ve met my forever person and live in the woods just like I always wanted.

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