I have to say that even as an adult friends are such a crucial and important part of our lives. I can say that other than my kids my friends are more important to me and have been there more for me than most of my family. Over the weekend I spent time with some awesome people. People I’ve known for over 10 years. one of them I haven’t seen in almost 8 years and the friendship is just as strong as it was. Maybe more so even now. The other is someone who has truly been there through the worst of times and the best. I know I can count on any of them if I ever needed anything and I would do the same for them. Family isn’t nessesarily blood and for me it rarely is. Family are the ones who are there no matter what. Thanks guys for being family. I’m honored to have you all in my life.

By tinabonena

I’m just a girl who has been through my fair share of trials and tribulations, but I came out on the other side with wisdom experience and a peace and understanding I never could have imagined. I have 5 children. A few adopted kids. And 5 grandkids. I’ve met my forever person and live in the woods just like I always wanted.

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