Father’s Day

Well today is a chaotic day for me. Mentally. So currently I don’t speak to my father. He has never really been a father to me. I know he’s done the best he can but it still sucks. I’ve made the choice that instead of letting it and him poison my life I have stepped away to keep the negativity out of my life.

I’ve had a few other men I’m my life I have considered to be dads. The first was Mark. He was my fill in moms husband. He was a very strong presence in my life for a while. Unfortunately his addictions landed him in prison. Second was Les my moms husband of 25 years when she passed. We were never really close but I do love him. I will call him today.

Third is Bill. He is my ex husband Shauns dad. He has been my favorite person. He came to live with us in 2013. He met a wonderful woman Tammy. Eventually they bought a home and got married. Even tho Shaun and I are no longer together they are still very dear to me. I consider him a dad for sure. So a quick shout out to Bill. Happy Father’s Day. Love your face.

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