So this is a story about 2 girls trying to be cute. First of all meet marge. We both work in the office. Both for Katie. Marge also works for Wes. But usually it’s always the 2 of us there no matter what. We started out butting heads. We are both very different. Now we get along really well. She is a dear friend to me. So the one thing we have in common is shoe size and our love for cute comfy shoes.

So we both got to work at the same time. Rob dropped me off today cuz he needed the car. He walked me in and as he was walking back out marge had gone before him to get stuff from her car. All I heard was OMG are you ok. She had stepped wrong on a stone and went down on her hands and knees. By the time I got out there she was sitting with her legs straight out. After a few minutes Rob helped her up. She ripped the shoes off and said here you take them. She had flats In Her car. Now the shoes were hella cute so what did I do? Put them on of course. They felt very comfy and easy to walk in. Yay!!!!

So I wore them all the way til almost lunchtime. I came back behind the main desk where I work with a stack of papers in my hands. I was standing there talking to marge. Next thing I know I somehow stepped backwards into a crack in the floor and went straight backwards. I like to think it was very graceful. Almost did a backwards somersault but never dropped the papers. When I finally settled into the seated position with my legs out ( the same position I found marge in). All I could do is laugh hysterically. Marge was standing in the other side of the desk with her mouth open and laughing at the same time. Needless to say we both took Motrin to make it through the day. Tomorrow will be interesting. What happened to the shoes??? She took them home back to her daughter where they came from. LOL. They were referred to as the devil shoes for the rest of the day.


The Shoes

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