March 29, 2020

Today I am grateful for my boys, Brandon and Matthew. They are also my favorite thing today. Neither of them has had piano lessons. Well Brandon had maybe 2 lol. Brandon is older and has been playing around on keyboards and pianos for over 10 yrs. Matthew just started playing around in the last year. So Matt sent me a clip of him playing. It brought tears to my eyes. I sent it to Brandon, who was extremely impressed and sent one of him as well. Of course i sent to Matt, he was also impressed think his exact words were 10/10 respect. Well I,m going to share both of them with you as I am so very proud of these guys…

By tinabonena

I’m just a girl who has been through my fair share of trials and tribulations, but I came out on the other side with wisdom experience and a peace and understanding I never could have imagined. I have 5 children. A few adopted kids. And 5 grandkids. I’ve met my forever person and live in the woods just like I always wanted.

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